Founder’s Society

Become part of our legacy.

Honoring the Caring Spirit

The Founder's Society recognizes individuals who have included Ascension Sacred Heart through a planned gift. With this society, Ascension Sacred Heart Foundation is privileged to honor those who make lasting commitments to support the future of Ascension Sacred Heart. Such support is vital to the continued growth of our ministry and we would gratefully welcome your membership in the Society. Learn More About Planned Giving

Methods of Giving Through Founder's Society


In order to include Ascension Sacred Heart in your will, you need to discuss the necessary changes with your attorney. At that time, please specify your bequest, either a specific amount or a percentage of your estate, and clearly describe which Ascension Sacred Heart service area, if any, you want to support with your gift.  We hope that you will let us know we’ve been included in your will, as we would very much like to thank you for this generosity. Recognition of your support can be an inspiration for others to leave their own legacy gifts to the ministry. However, rest assured that we will respect your wishes if you desire to remain anonymous and are most grateful for your special generosity.

Life Insurance

If you have a whole life insurance policy that you no longer need, please consider donating it to Ascension Sacred Heart Foundation, naming us as both owner and beneficiary of the policy. This will greatly reduce your taxable estate, while making it possible for Ascension Sacred Heart to benefit substantially from your generous contribution.  An alternate life insurance contribution is your purchase of a completely new policy that designates the Foundation as owner and beneficiary. Please contact us before purchasing a new policy. Premiums you pay on the policy may qualify for an income tax deduction.

When Gifts Count

No matter the gift, please know that your donation matters and affects real lives.

We find that donors sometimes have questions about the timing of contributions to ensure they receive a charitable tax deduction in a particular year. Put simply, your gift is credited on the date it is delivered to Ascension Sacred Heart Foundation; or, in the case of a stock donation, the day it is received in our account. If the end of the year is approaching, and you would like your contribution to be credited to the current year, the timing of your gift is particularly important. Per IRS guidelines, all donations must be postmarked by December 31 of the current year to qualify as a charitable contribution for that year. Get in touch with our Foundation team to see how your planned gift can make a difference.