A Tradition of Philanthropy Empowered by You

Our History, Our Mission

Ascension Sacred Heart Foundation is the fundraising arm of the Ascension Sacred Heart health system. In that role, we seek contributions and volunteer participation to support the work of the Ascension Sacred Heart hospitals throughout our region. We are committed to the provision of healthcare and social services to all persons. As advocates for Ascension’s health ministry, we strive to help bring hope and healing to individuals, families and communities.

A Commitment to Our Community

We are thankful and grateful for the financial support of our thousands of donors.

Our loyal donors include individuals, small businesses, other foundations, large corporations and community organizations who make it possible to sustain and grow our ministry.

Between FY2017 and FY2021, our donors contributed an amazing $33,304,166. During that time, we held several highly successful events that raised $3,630,356.

Our Tradition

In 1984, our Foundation was formed as a not-for-profit organization committed to enhancing the current and future healthcare needs of the Gulf Coast. Since that time, we have carried forth the tradition of “giving to help others” that inspired the building of the original Sacred Heart Hospital.  

Over a century ago, The Daughters of Charity were asked to come to Pensacola and build a hospital so that the community could have better healthcare. The funds that made this request a reality came from a local businessman and others he inspired to contribute. That long-ago philanthropy continues to resonate today throughout our region. Just as the Daughters provided healing for the poorest and most needy that came to their hospital, Ascension Sacred Heart carries on their work, supported by the generosity and charitable giving of those who live throughout the communities we serve.

Our Vision

We envision a robust healing ministry committed to the health and well-being of communities throughout our region. The young and old, the poor and needy, those without resources – all will be welcomed through the doors of Ascension Sacred Heart hospitals and healthcare facilities, regardless of their ability to pay. 

We envision bringing quality, compassionate care to Northwest Florida, providing more people with the best healthcare services and innovative programs they might never have access to otherwise.

We envision Ascension Sacred Heart as the catalyst for the future of healthcare in our region, encouraged and supported by our efforts to garner financial support through charitable giving and volunteerism.