Advocates for the Children

Posted: Feb 17, 2020

The Holman Law firm, which is the father and son team of Stephen T. and Justin T. Holman, is dedicated to the principle that “The BEST parent is BOTH parents.” As experienced litigators who choose to be primarily involved in family law cases, their firm concentrates on outcomes that ensure children are able to interact with both mother and father. At one time, it was customary that the mother was automatically granted custody; but this is no longer the norm.

Stephen, an attorney for 32 years, says that people tend to think that The Holman Law Firm mainly represents fathers, “but that is generally because when I first started doing this, fathers didn’t think they had a voice. However, after years of fighting for equality, it’s pretty common that fathers have equal rights except in extenuating circumstances. Children deserve and should have access to BOTH parents, whether or not they are married.”

Justin’s commitment to the legal profession got its start with his experiences as a youngster.
He was often present in a corner of the courtroom watching his dad when he was so small that his feet barely touched the floor. Witnessing the gratitude expressed by a parent when a case was settled equitably was a compelling influence on him.

It is understandable that today, like his father, Justin is committed to “helping parents.” He explains, “When there’s children involved, no monetary verdict you can get for a parent compares to knowing their children will be forever involved in their life. That type of reward and seeing that in a parents’ eyes… that’s what I have a passion for.”

Stephen adds, “Winning a case where someone is trying to keep a child out of someone’s life and you prevent that and keep both parents in the picture… it’s the equivalent of hitting a game winning grand slam.”

Both father and son are strong supporters of the Studer Family Children’s Hospital and its far-reaching impact on the community. Stephen points out that when families consider moving to Pensacola, one of the first things they inquire about is health care for their children. The Children’s Hospital is a strong endorsement for families moving to the Pensacola area, thus contributing to the economic growth of the area.

Justin, who serves on The Sacred Heart Foundation board, views his participation as an “incredible opportunity to give back to the community.” He is keenly aware that parents are grateful for the peace of mind the new Children’s Hospital gives. When their child needs the very best health care, they know that world-class doctors are available in their very own back yard, thus eliminating the burden of traveling outside the area.