Former NFL Coach is Emerald Coast's Biggest Fan

Posted: Jun 18, 2023

The 4th of July started like any other, until George Henshaw, 74, experienced an emergency. While spending time at the beach with his family, he had a stroke and was transported to Ascension Sacred Heart Emerald Coast.

“I had no idea before that; I had no symptoms other than just being tired,” George said.

He sought cardiologist recommendations from friends, and several recommended Dr. Charles Mayes. George, a former college football and NFL coach for 42 years, said he immediately connected with Dr. Mayes over a mutual love of sports.

Dr. Mayes installed a pacemaker and later a defibrillator to help prevent him from having another stroke. During his follow-up appointments, Dr. Mayes noticed that his heart was beating irregularly, a symptom of atrial fibrillation that can increase the risk for stroke. Dr. Mayes referred him to cardiac electrophysiologist Dr. Adam Bainey.

“Dr. Mayes told me I am going to refer you to the electrician, and he sent me to Dr. Bainey,” he said laughing.

Once again, George found a sports connection with his care team. Dr. Bainey, a Georgia alumnus, who let him change his scheduled surgery date when he learned the Georgia Bulldogs were playing the LSU Tigers in the SEC Championship.

In December of 2022, Dr. Bainey did an ablation to help control George’s AFib and reduce his chance of having another stroke.

He said he went from being 74 to feeling 64 the next day.

Within a week, he had returned to normal activities with added enthusiasm. George said the procedure had improved his life, allowing him to do more of the things he loves, like assisting with his grandchildren’s sporting events.

“From the front desk to the associates who prepare you for procedures to the providers, everyone has been phenomenal,” said George.

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